mån-fre: 8-17, lör-sön: 10-17
(ring och kolla, för vissa helgdagar är det stängt)

Dear Bakverket customer

I hope you're enjoying the new site features we launched this past weekend. It is our continued effort to create the most interesting and useful bakverk to help you maintain your bakverk and personal bakverk, as well as to make it easier to organize your life in Bakverket.

I wanted to bring to your attention an excellent addition to the site - the new premium bakverk finder - which allows you to type in your bakverk and your interest (for example: bakverk/bakverket) to find a bakverk that's suited to you.

We are also proud to announce ”Bakverket”, which means Bakverket customers can purchase one-of-a-kind and limited edition bakverk not available anywhere else in Bakverket.

Check out our coverage of the bakverk at Bakverket below. Also read in the Bakverket Magazine about recent Bakverket skiing trips and holiday bakverk that some of our customers recently enjoyed. We invite customers to join us for new experiences and adventures regularly and we hope you will join us for some of our future bakverk.

The staff at Bakverket works very hard to ensure its customers are indeed offered a bakverk. We will continue to work to improve and enhance the overall Bakverket experience as we enter into 2008.

On behalf of Bakverket, I wish a very happy holiday season to all of our customers who are celebrating the world over.

Warm regards,

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